About Us



We understand that coffee is not just a drink out of habit. A coffee drink is an art that must be crafted. At The Perfect Latte, your taste buds will change because we are committed to introducing a new way for everyone to enjoy their favorite drink.

We are committed to challenging your taste buds with uncompromised quality ingredients and the most delicious recipes to bring your incomparable espresso drinks

We believe in supporting other small businesses and non-profits.

Our Story


Established in 2017.

After a long endeavor, we are open to receive coffee lovers who appreciate quality specialty coffee and exceptional hospitality.


Our Coffee Shop in Richmond, TX is the perfect place to fill up your cup with a cold or warm brew. What sets us apart from commercialized coffee starts with the beans. Our delicately selected beans go through strenuous amounts of quality tests to ensure the perfect cup of coffee. We also offer smoothies, juices, and fresh-baked goods from our cafe. What are you waiting for?

Our Team